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Proud to be an American

" We are Americans and this is what we do", and I am moved and honored that this is so. I am truly proud to be an American.

As I ponder on the role of The UMM and indeed the Methodist Church as a whole I wonder again and again why we do the things we do. My only answer is that it is because we are Christians and that is what we do. We are called to feed the hungry, shelter the outcast, and protect the weak and innocent. Time and time again I see our Christian heritage in the actions of our young men and women and it makes me proud. Our politicians can deny our Christian roots if they wish but you can see them in almost everything we do. The young corpsman says "We are Americans and this is what we do" he could have just as well said we are of Christian heritage and this what we have been taught to do. I doubt that you would have seen one of the Iranians running to the aid of one of our boys. You might but I just sort of doubt it.

From Haiti to Chile you see our country and our people rushing to aid those in need. We deny our Christian roots and yet they are so ingrained in our psyche that we respond without thinking whenever we see pain and suffering.

I am proud to be a Christian and I am proud to be an American and I hope that someday we who are in the UMM will turn and automatically respond to questions about why we rush to other peoples aid, whatever the trouble, with the response of "We are Christians and this is what we do"

Jim Callaway